About Raffaela

I am an entrepreneur, an artist, a creative imaginative spirited human being with a positive attitude. I enjoy helping others become all they can be and often I encounter people that need someone to talk to that listens and understand without judgment.

Since I was here last I completed a Master in Science for counseling. I would like to offer free career counseling and information/tips on how to start your business if you have a dream of owning one. I have always worked on my own but for a time in the 80’s I worked for corporate in insurance, finance and investment. The next business I chose was real estate management followed by building and renovation.

After 10 years I had enough of dealing with rentals repairs and sold everything except two properties. Actually at this time I feel it would be great if I owed  and owned nothing at all. I am like a child again curious and eager for adventures and new experiences. I am planning on using the next 30 years to try new businesses, involving organic veggies and herbs, build a small house off the grid and set up a pottery studio somewhere on earth away from industrial noises….a mountain would be great.

Until then helping with career choices and any question people may have on what to pursue as a career or business appeals to me as a good way to use my experience to help other achieve their dreams. Raffaela


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